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How to Create and Manage Your Comedy Sets in Bits App

As an aspiring or seasoned stand-up comedian, organizing your material is pivotal to your success on stage. The Bits app offers an intuitive platform designed to streamline the management of your comedy writing and sets.

This guide will walk you through the process of creating, editing, and managing your sets within the app, ensuring that your next open mic stand up or performance is seamless and well-received.

Creating Your First Set
  1. Accessing the Sets Feature: Once you've added at least one bit (a piece of comedy material) in Bits, a set icon will appear at the top of your screen. This icon is your gateway to managing sets.

  2. Adding a New Set:If you haven't created a set yet, tap the red button labeled "Add your first set".
    If you already have sets, you'll find an "Add set" button at the top of the sets list.
    In both scenarios, you'll be prompted to name your set. Enter a name and tap “Done” to create it.

Navigating the Sets Screen

Upon selecting a set from the list, you'll be taken to its specific screen. Here are the options available to you:

  • Renaming a Set: Tap on the “Untitled set” to give it a specific name.

  • Adding a New Bit: Use the red plus button to create a new bit that will automatically be part of the selected set.

  • Managing Set Contents: By tapping “Manage,” you can choose which bits to include in your set. Bits can be removed by swiping left and tapping “Remove.”

  • Editing Bits: Select any bit to edit its content directly from the set screen.

Advanced Set Management
  • Exporting Sets: Once your set contains at least one bit, you can export it to external apps like Word or Google Sheets. This feature is ideal for backing up your material or preparing it for a show.

  • Reordering and Performing: With at least two bits in a set, you can reorder them to fit the flow of your performance. The “perform” button becomes available, allowing you to easily access your set for live performances.

  • Deleting or Duplicating Sets: Swipe left on a set in the list to delete it, or swipe right to duplicate it. Note that deletion is permanent.

Finalizing Your Session

To exit the sets screen and return to the main overview, simply tap the X icon.


The Bits app is designed to be a stand-up comedian's best friend, offering comprehensive tools for comedy writing and set management. Whether you're preparing for your next open mic stand up or a major comedy event, Bits helps you organize your material for maximum impact. Happy performing!

Remember, practice and organization are key to stand-up comedy success. Bits is here to help you excel in both.

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