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Overcome stand-up writing block

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Writing block is a common situation most creatives do find themselves in. While it might be attached to writers, the writer's block is something faced by almost any creative mind. Most times it is a battle of quantity and quality.

This battle is a sort of double disadvantage; that's how it comes to mind right now.  Why it is regarded as a double disadvantage is because writer's block is an effect with an after effect. After the difficult mental stress involved in struggling about what to write what to avoid the tiredness and sometimes temporary dislike for what you love tags along.

Understanding Writing block

One familiar sort of scenario to describe what writer's block is and the fact that it can be associated with virtually any creative mind is this:

You have a brilliant imagination if your piece of work and ideas seem to bustle in your head like water swooshing in a dishwasher. But what happens next?  you have a lot of ideas coming through to you; which is quantity, then you start to think about quality at the same time. That's where writer's block begins to rear its ugly head. Your brain is not capable of putting the tasks together; putting down all your ideas and sieving out what you think is not necessary at the same time.

Have you ever had a moment when it seems like you don't have anything else to give? Yes, very nostalgic right? That is what writer's block is. most times events had already occurred to put a writer in that situation where he doesn't have anything to write about.

Every writer has that period when they don't get that rush of creativity, yes, but this is different from the writer's block.

How are stand-ups affected by writing block?

Stand-up comedians are not left out when it comes to this issue of experiencing writer's block. Stand-ups don't always tell their jokes from raw personal experiences in their everyday life without any preparations. Sometimes, stand up too must write their jokes and this usually come with a lot of difficulties whenever they start to experience writer's block

Writer's block is usually caused when the writer is considering different options while writing this usually makes writing tedious and very exhausting.
This decision being considered are mostly writing and evaluating whether the content is good enough. Nobody must be told that evaluation is necessary for stand-up comedians to write good jokes. Extra caution must be taken in their writing these jokes. since it is not directly coming from the comedian's mode of dispersing creativity.


How to simply and effectively tackle writing block

Comedians will have guidelines they follow while writing. This could be either personal or derived from reading up stuff. The guidelines can be a hindrance to a comedian’s flow while writing leading to the situation called writer's block. Comedians can prevent the writer's block scenario by writing first before they start evaluating whatever it is, they have written. Sincerely it is easy to say than to act it.

So, rather than follow a pre-planned writing style for your jokes, why not go spontaneous? Put down the most outrageous ideas you have even as they come to you. We are in the age of smartphones, see something that looks like a joke material on the streets? Whip it out and create a collection of never-ending ideas. When you do start to develop them and it feels as if your thoughts are disjointed, take a break and come back to it much later. Making people laugh is a tad difficult and when you do finally get on stage, you want to be sure you are doing what will tickle them till they are crying in humor.

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