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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how Bits ("we" or "us") collects, uses, and shares information from users of our mobile application and website (together, the "Services").

Information We Collect
We collect email addresses from users who choose to create an account with us. We also collect anonymous usage information, such as screen views and clicks within the app and website. Usage data is not directly connected to individual users and is aggregated. When users contact us with their name and email, we may add this information to their profile to help identify them in the future for better customer support.


How We Collect Information
Email addresses are collected upon registration, and we use Google or Apple Sign-in services for this purpose. Apple users can log in anonymously, in which case we can only see their anonymous email address. We use MixPanel as a third-party service to collect usage data from everyone who uses the app (web and mobile). We also use Google Analytics to collect usage data in the app and website. Additionally, we use Wix as a website platform, which collects usage data on the website. Wix is also used when users contact us via forms in which they can add details such as email and their name. Anonymous usage data is shared with third-party services such as MixPanel, Apple, and Google.


How We Use Information
We collect data to learn how our collective users are using the app and to improve the service based on their behavior. We collect email addresses so users can use a single account and restore their data from multiple devices or restore it if they lose temporary access to their device. We sometimes use users' names when they supply them for better customer support.


Sharing of Information
The app and website may share email addresses with a third-party service to provide better customer service. Anonymous usage data is shared with third-party service providers, such as MixPanel, Apple, and Google.


Communication with Users
We may use email addresses to send emails regarding the status of a subscription or important information that users should know about their account.


Data Security
Email addresses are protected by the Google Sign-in method and sent via encryption protocols of Google, Apple, and other third-party services.


Data Retention
Email addresses are kept until users choose to delete their account. They can do this at any time using the app or by contacting us via the app support form.


User Control
Users can choose to export their data from the app and delete their account from the app as well. Users can access their data from the app or website.


Data Breach Notification
In case of a data breach, we will email users about the issue and provide them with relevant details.


Policy Changes
When new updates happen within the app, users will see them as part of a "What's New" prompt that is shown after they update to the latest version.

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